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Good Trouble Collaborative brings a collective of seasoned experts in media, philanthropy, public policy, and entertainment to create innovative, inspiring and action-oriented social impact campaigns. Through compelling storytelling and authentic narratives, we build pro-democracy movements through creative platforms, civic engagement, and issue advocacy. Together, we can lift up communities and change the world to deliver a more equitable future.

Our Mission.

Good Trouble Collaborative is a pro-democracy organization dedicated to building and sustaining an inclusive, thriving, equitable democracy for ALL Americans – no matter race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or ability.

In support of our mission, Good Trouble Collaborative is launching WE THE FUTURE, a national, artist-driven campaign and program that inspires young Americans to recognize the power of their voices through their vote. Providing increased voter registration and voter access to 18 – 29 year olds, we ignite a culture of lifelong civic engagement to help advance democracy.

Our Work.

We build movements and highly engaging campaigns that support American democracy across a range of issues – from common sense gun reform to reproductive freedom, climate action, small business support, voting rights, and more. We marry research and data with strategy, human insights and creativity to generate programs that drive measurable impacts.

We believe in being bold and authentic while doing the hard work that leads to lasting positive change.

How we build movements.


We create strategic, breakthrough and effective campaigns to support a pro democracy future.


We are behavior change experts that inspire and motivate our target audiences to take action.


Across a range of issues, we build coalitions and together we provide actionable tools.

Team Projects.

Increase voter registration and turnout amongst 18-29 year olds

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Louder Than Guns

Youth gun reform campaign with LA Mayor’s Youth Council to End Gun Violence. Captured national headlines and produced campaign led by high school and college students

Voter Registration Contest

w/ Billie Eilish

Registered/pre-registered thousands of student voters with LA Mayor’s Office and LAUSD High Schools

LA Original

A social enterprise program of MFLA, supporting LA makers and job training for Downtown Women’s Center

Drive unprecedented youth civic engagement and voter turnout.


Through a national messaging and grassroots campaign, WE THE FUTURE harnesses the collective energy and vision of today’s youth to catalyze a transformative movement to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and participatory democracy for generations to come.

50MM+ Americans 18-29 are eligible to vote

Every year 4MM new potential voters turn 18

Millennials and Gen Z are our most diverse generations in history

Nearly 50% of Gen Z are racial or ethnic minorities

Turnout among this cohort dramatically increases with engagement

American democracy is at a crossroads.

It is time to ask ourselves: what kind of America will our children inherit? And what future do today’s youth envision, and deserve?

WE THE FUTURE sparks a movement for youth to share and realize their vision for their future America. Learn more at

Meet Our Team.

Ashley Jacobs

Linda Lopez

Laurie Spivak

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